As Marthy Owen in the World Premiere of Anna Christie by Edward Thomas  with Encompass Opera, March 2017, with Frank Basile and Anthony Innéo

I love working with stage performers and anyone who appears in the spotlight. Mindset makes up the single most significant element in achieving and maintaining success. As a performer myself, I know that expertise alone is not enough. I love helping people building the toughness they need to thrive and live the life they envision. I coach individually and conduct workshops to help performers demolish their inhibitions and overcome obstacles to pave the way for success.


Because I work as an adjunct professor of voice at Marymount Manhattan College and at AMDA NY, I have realized a huge need for singers, actors and dancers to construct a specific mindset in order to make it in the business. I have written articles for The Classical Singer, stimulating awareness of the power of the mind and how to apply it to the best self-interest.


With conducting Performance EmPowering workshops and teaching seminars in the USA and abroad,  I have had the privilege to empower thousands of singers and actors, to teach them skills to navigate successfully through their careers and to arrive at the next level. I have been guest teacher at NYU, Columbia University, Rutgers University, the Classical Singer Convention and Voice Teacher seminars. I also teach a 12 week Performance EmPowering course at AMDA, NY. I love working with students and alumni, both emerging artists as well as accomplished professionals.

My History

After I worked for several years as a registered nurse in the Netherlands, I wanted to explore my talent for singing and moved to New York, where I obtained my B.M. and M.A. My singing career took off splendidly. The New York Times recognized me as being “attractive and engaging.” The I.A.W.M. Journal wrote about the world premiere of Jocasta, “a skillful soprano, singing with imperious dignity and compassion.” The New Music Connoisseur mentioned, “a performer with savvy and grit” about my performance of Lukas Foss’ “13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird.”

But my first setback crippled me to such a degree that l was unable to move forward and live the life I had envisioned. Through a journey of studies, explorations, and discoveries, I founded Performance EmPowering and developed the B.O.U.N.C.E. tools.
After many years of coaching and teaching, I am back on the stage and incorporate the B.O.U.N.C.E. tools in my everyday life.

Wilma Wever is a superb opera singer who weaves joy and humor into her Performance Wellness workshops. I recommend her work for those who want to reclaim their original joy of performing.

Dr. Louise Montello, Founder/Director of Musicians’ Wellness, Inc.

Performance EmPowering provides performers with tools to unlock their full artistic potential, access their inner power and improve the quality of their everyday lives. Wilma Wever’s effective teaching method combines her medical expertise with her extensive experience as performer.

Valerie Coates, NYSTA member

My work with Performance EmPowering has completely changed my outlook on performing. I am no longer afraid of the stage, but rather look forward to every performance being a personal success. There is no magic to controlling performance anxiety, it’s a process that can be taught, learned, and assimilated into every singer’s “bag of tricks”. Now instead of worrying about whether or not my nerves will undermine me, I can concentrate on the joy of making music.

Danielle Daverino, Voice Faculty, Long Island University
Wilma Wever’s step-by-step approach to combating the stress and negativity of a performance career is something that every young singer and actor needs! Her useful tips on preparation–both physical and mental– provide a blueprint for training ourselves to succeed under the stress of performance.
John Simpkins, Program in Vocal Performance, New York University

I used to let my anxiety and nervousness control my performances. I started taking private PEP coachings, and I learned techniques that help me relax and take control of my anxiety mentally and physically. I quickly started noticing a huge difference in the way I perform, and also in my preparation. It was a very positive change. I still use these techniques in every audition I go to. I have a new confidence and reassurance that I am in control of my performance, all thanks to my PEP sessions.

Sarah Winchester, AMDA Alumna, NY

Wilma Wever is no less than masterful at her work of helping people realize their performance potential. This type of work prepares the singer with great tools that help each individual think like a professional so that they may realize their total performance ability. I strongly recommend Ms. Wever as a total professional in performance preparation.

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert
David Jones, Founder/Director/The David Jones Voice Studio

I have two challenges: my communication skills at work and my performance anxiety as an evolving opera singer.  I access the PEP tools and ideas when I feel anxious.  I can take more risks, knowing I have the wisdom of these techniques. Thank you for creating such a safe and supportive space to explore and allow us to experience this work.  In a single day, PEP transformed me!

Carmen C. Banker,  Opera Singer

I had the opportunity to be part of a PEP workshop in Amsterdam. I was so impressed by the revolution of my voice, although I am singing and teaching for more then 20 years now. It is never too late to learn how to let go of your fears and just have fun with your entire body and voice. Wilma gets you slowly but surely to your real voice-personality and it works immediately on the audience. The experience was so incredible that even my way of teaching has changed. I now also try to address what is happening with the voice and what the body and the emotion say in the singing. It is always a pleasure to see those young artists leave your voice session with a large smile, which makes you feel happy for your day. I recommend the Performance EmPowering work with Wilma Wever, and feel really sorry she is living so far away from my home town, because I would be a fan of her workshops.

Thierry Migliorini (Voice teacher Conservatoire Royal de Mons (Belgium)

Just wanted to thank you so much for the workshop…some really useful concepts! I did an audition yesterday and used the techniques you taught and I rocked the audition. It felt terrific!

David Morrow, opera singer

Teachers (at AMDA) tell you, you better get used to rejection, to negatieve feedback when you get ‘out’ there, but they don’t give you the tools how to deal with it. In Performance EmPowering you get the tools to get ready for a competitive work field and how to stay (mentally) healthy and not give up when a setback occurs.

​AMDA Alumna

Performance EmPowering helps you to open up as a singer and as a performer. PEP is what it says it is, empowering.

Becky Braverman, Manhattan School of Music, NY

Performance anxiety is a real challenge for me.  I get anxious when I have to sing or speak in public.  The workshop showed me how to replace my negative thoughts with positive ones. I also learned that breathing techniques will surely help me calm my nerves.

Mary C.  Attorney, R&R Singer