You’re off to college. Now real life can begin! Your dreams are approaching reality. You did a fine audition and have been accepted to a great school. Everything is going your way. You’ll make new friends, hang out with other passionate musicians, and learn many new skills, which will make you a prominent singer. You are ready to conquer the world!

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Sing Without Fear

by Wilma Wever

Ask a singer: “What is your basic motivation to perform?” The answer you will get is: “I love to sing!” Does that mean that we singers are happy people because we do what we love?

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That’s It : Dealing with Adversity and Challenges in Your Career and Life

“You’ll never make it,” Joyce DiDonato said at the 109th Commencement speech at the Juilliard School in May 2014. She explained by pointing out to the graduating students, “It doesn’t exist.”

If “it” doesn’t exist, what does exist when you finish your education and you’re ready to take on the world? “It is about the journey,” DiDonato continued. How can you embark on that journey with joy while staying inspired by your goals?

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Another Look at Performance Preparation

Finding solutions for performance anxiety is like finding the right diet to lose weight: there are many options. While some people might benefit from one particular plan, others might not lose a pound following the same eating strategies. That doesn’t make the diet in itself worthless, although it might not work for you.

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