Wilma Wever
Performance EmPowering (PEP)

PERFORMANCE EMPOWERING offers tools to build mental toughness to gain and maintain success. At PEP workshops you’ll work with the B.O.U.N.C.E. tools to change your attitude, get outside the box, leave your comfort-zone and discover your power within. You’ll emerge as a transformed person, confident, focused, balanced and be more effective to maximize your success on the stage and beyond. 

Strengths orientation, rather than fixing weaknesses, which will lead you to improvement and success

Through Wilma Wever’s Performance EmPowering Workshop, I not only discovered new tools to fortify a positive psychological approach to the pressures of auditioning, but I was reminded of the skills that I had and was shown how to use them to my full advantage.

Eve Gigliotti, Metropolitan Opera


Understand the Mind-Body interaction for achieving your Highest Productivity

Watch PEP in Action!

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You might feel overwhelmed with the business and/or insecure about how to take your performance career  further.
The BOUNCE tools, designed for Performance EmPowering, will help you focus and make mindful decisions to help you advance.


Bounce, Perform and Succeed 

a book for all performers who want to succeed

If you have the talent and want to succeed you need a brain that goes with it. The BOUNCE tools are easy to apply and make it simple to achieve success and maintain a sense of joy without becoming overwhelmed. Every day of the week is an opportunity to focus on one particular mental skill and add on others in the following days and weeks. You can create a brain that helps you to go in the direction you choose.

The Social Justice Music Factory

Check out:   The Social Justice Music Factory:

www.thesocialjusticemusicfactory. com

  • To inspire artists and audiences to social justice through collaboration of vocal and visual arts
  • To offer a platform for composers, writers, vocal and visual artists to express their opinions through art and building a bridge of consciousness of the increasing intolerance in our current society
  • To transform current and historical devastating events into art in order to empower audiences to demand social justice